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Barakouzza is the Rinshi, who holds the spirit of the Archerfish. He serves Grizzaka. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "True Friends, True Spirits".


Barakouzza served Grizzaka. Grizzaka summoned him and ordered him to attack Ocean Bluff and destroy the Power Rangers. He attacked the city and encountered the Rangers. Barakouzza, could like cowboy, fire two water jets from his arms, which also possessed electric shocks. After brief fight on the ground, Archerfish enlarged himself and fought with rangers's Zords. However, RJ again transformed into the werewolf and attacked his friends. Barakouzza escaped and returned to Grizzaka, reporting him. Then Barakouzza returned to the city and attacked the electrostation, where he fought only two Jungle Fury Rangers, Theo and Lily. The heroes were quickly outmatched and he summoned Rinshi to battle them. However then Casey and RJ arrived and aided their friends. After the battle Barakouzza was destroyed with the attack from the Wolf Morpher. Grizzaka revived him as a giant using Power of Zocato. Barakouzza fought the Rangers but was destroyed by Jungle Master Megazord and Wolf Pride Megazord with the latter dealing the killing bllow with it's Spin Fury attack.


Barakouzza was cunning, intelligent and recourseful Rinshi, that won't stop at nothing on his mission to destroy the Jungle Fury Rangers. But he is faithful to Grizzaka.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Barakouza is an immensely powerful monster, easily overwhelming and defeating the Megazords all by himself.
  • Superhuman Agility-Baraouza is a very agile monster, easily ducking and dodging blows from the Megazords and Rangers.
  • Skilled Fighter-Barakouza easily defeated the Rangers and the Megazords with his bare hands.
  • Enlarging-Barakouza can make himself grow at will.


  • Water Cannons-Barakouza has large brown water cannons mounted on either wrist that he can use in combat.
    • Electric Water Blasts-Barakouza can fire blue water with blue lightning within it at his enemies. This was his strongest attack as it easily tore apart the Jungle Master and Wolf Pride Megazords and woul have used it to finish off RJ had the  Jungle Master Megazord not intervened.e

Behind The Scenes


  • Barakouzza was voiced by Campbell Cooley.
  • Barakouza's Rinshi form is never seen.

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