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Baradorugin (バラドルギン Baradorugin) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperial Army Zone, combining together Galactic Scientist Doldora, Galactic Fang Zaza and the energy within Vulgyre with the attribute of roses.

Character History

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Baradorugin is created by Vulgyre itself in order to dispose of Doldora after she goes insane from the realization that she wasted her entire life serving a monster such as Vulgyre instead of an empress like Meadow; when Vulgyre mutates her, Zaza gets in the way leading to the combination of her attributes alongside Doldora and the information the sentient ship pushed within. With a Combined Galactic Warrior, Vulgyre instructs the now mindless beast to destroy the Sidon Flowers at Newtown Elementary School brought by the students in celebration of their return after they had briefly weakened the creature in an attempt to destroy Earth on its own. Baradorugin corrodes and destroys nearly all the Sidon Flowers at Newtown Elementary save one, which was protected by the boy who brought the flower to the school while Fiveman protects it. Seeing its mission as becoming more difficult, Gorlin #37 is sent out which four of the five Fiveman end up fighting once Baradorugin is absorbed within as FiveRed is forced into a final showdown with Billion. Using their force and the Hang Beam of Star Five, the Combined Galactic Warrior is destroyed, with it the final remains of Galactic Scientist Doldora and Galactic Fang Zaza.



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  • Its main ability is the ability to corrode plant life, particularly the Sidon Flowers preventing them from affecting Vulgyre; it also has the combat abilities of Zaza absorbed within itself.

Behind the Scenes


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