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Bara Tarantula (バラタランチュラ Bara Taranchura) is a tarantula-themed Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

A tarantula-themed robot able to shrink into a spider used by Acha to implant children with receivers to make it seem that they are geniuses. The Machine Beast can also use the receivers and the mini-spiders on his body to forces his targets. After getting the signal in her nephew's class, Juri and company track down BaraTarantula's signal to his hideout. After being defeated by King Ranger and damaged by the Ohre Bazooka, Bara Tarantula is enlarged by Kocha before overpowering Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher until King Pyramidder intervened. In the end, BaraTarantula is scrapped by King Pyramidder Battle Formation.


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  • It's main ability is to control small receivers that it injects within people; anyone with the receiver will be controlled by it and by a computer controlled by Acha which gives them information, from knowledge to pass tests to forcing them to dance as it does with Juri when she's forced to dance the tarantella. It's initial set of arms are upgraded after the Ohranger destroy several of them in their first battle with it.

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