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"I'll clean this up!"
―Bara Skunk's first words when confronting some Japanese women on the street before skunking them.[src]
"It stinks! It reeks!"
―Bara Skunk when Kingranger used his King Tornado to spin back his gas and his final words before his intital defeat.[src]
"Forgive me, Bomber the Great!"
―Bara Skunk's final words before his death.[src]

Bara Skunk (バラスカンク Bara Sukanku) is the skunk-themed Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia under Bomber the Great.


Notable for his destruction of 100 planets for Baranoia, Bara Skunk aligns with Bomber and comes to Earth to use the planet's garbage against itself with the power of it's atomizing gas. When he first fights OhRed, he instantly removes his suit and tries to destroy him until a soccer ball blocks his tail spout preventing him from using his gas attack. As Earth realizes that he needed Earth garbage in order to fully use the power of his gas, people start cleaning up their garbage in order to prevent him from eating and using his power against it. Gorou ambushes him when he tries another attack before he is finished by a combination of the Ole Bazooka and King Victory Flash. After Acha and Kocha grow him for Bomber, he tries to use his gas attack before he is attacked by the Ohranger's newest weapon, Tackle Boy, which finishes off the Machine Beast with it's Dynamite Tackle after being thrown by OhBlocker.


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  • His main ability is a powerful noxious gas that has the ability to atomize anything hit by it; the gas is created from him eating of garbage and can be emitted either through his backside or his mouth.

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