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Bara Saucer (バラソーサー Bara Sōsā) was a saucer/jellyfish-themed Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.


A giant Machine Beast that could attack with tentacle arms, using them to bind and shock enemies and was sent by Bacchus Wrath to annihilate Tokyo. It was the first giant monster the Ohrangers encountered and as such, caused quite the problem for them. However, using massive amounts of teamwork with their new weapons, the Ohrangers hacked apart Bara Saucer's tentacles with thier weapons and obliterated the Machine Beast with the new formed Big Bang Buster. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 2: Assemble!! The Chouriki Sentai

A second Bara Saucer was built as part of Bacchus Wrath's "Magma Enhancement" plan; empowered with a special magma coating, it became more powerful and started to be used to search out for Earth dissenters after Bara Drill's previous rampage. When the Ohranger destroy the Baranoia Earth base with their new Blocker Robo, it fought and was destroyed by Blue Blocker.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 33: The Five Robos' Great Riot


It did not appear to have a personality of its own, instead following whatever mission given to it by Baranoia.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Its main abilities are giant tentacle-like arms that attack and grab objects at random, binding and shocking enemies. A second version is granted a strengthening magma armor to protect it and make it more powerful.

Behind the Scenes


Bara Saucer was portrayed by an unknown suit actor. He does not have a voice actor as he does not speak.


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Concept Art


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  • Bara Saucer's first form was one of just four Machine Beasts that was never adapted for Power Rangers Zeo.
  • Bara Saucer was the first Machine Beast to appear as a giant.
  • Bara Saucer did not make any vocalizations in any of its appearances.


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