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"Save me.....Why did you abandon me? Why did you kill me?"
―Bara Revenger's first words when confronting Bacchus Wrath in the Baranoia Palace.[src]
"Why are you sad? You have done the right thing. You protected my pride, My soul will remain with you...Until the day you destroy Baccshund... I was born from scrap. And now, to scrap I will return..."
―Bara Revenger's final words before his death.[src]

Bara Revenger (バラリベンジャー Bara Ribenjā) is a composite Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia, made of multiple discarded machines with the combined will of revenge against their master: Emperor Bacchus Wrath.

Character History

Bara Revenger is a Machine Beast formed from the collected robot pieces at Baranoia's junkyard and motivated by the grudges of every part he is composed of. Unlike the others, Bara Revenger wanted nothing to do with Baranoia other than to kill Bacchus-Wrath yet his power supply is very low. After being knocked off of the moon after being unable to defeat Bacchus-Wrath one on one, Revenger descended onto Earth where he attempts to increase his power before he shuts down until the Ohrangers arrives on the scene as he evades them. Though distrusting him at first like the others, Yuuji attempts to befriend Revenger as he saved a dog from being run over by a car on the street.

After being saved with a Super Power transfusion when about to shutdown, Revenger is astonished of the selfless act and vows to help him. However, Acha arrives and has the Barlos attack Revenger and Oh Blue. When the others arrive, Bacchus-Wrath shows up as he has Acha implant a remote-controlled control device to force Bara Revenger into fighting the Ohrangers against his will. In spite of his attempts to snap Revenger out of it, Oh Blue is forced to mortally wound him (as per his request, as he'd rather be dead than fight for Bacchus-Wrath) with the Giant Roller, returning him to normal as the Ohrangers vow to succeed where he failed as he limps off to a garbage dump where he shuts down and crumbles into spare parts once again.

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  • Bara Revenger's main weapon is a sword made from one of the many parts used to create it. It's greatest weakness is its lack of energy, requiring a massive source to allow for it to be effective but ultimately for a short period of time before falling apart.

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