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Bara Police (バラポリス Bara Porisu) is a Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia under Bomber the Great.

Character History

Bara Police was a Machine Beast who hid and controlled a platoon of police officers in order to turn the Earth officers against Ohranger and humanity. When summoned to attack by Bomber the Great, he uses the officers against the heroes until is emerges and is immediately grown by Kocha to fight the team. Initially facing against the Blocker Robo, it ends up becoming ultimately assisted by Gunmazin after Yuji joins the battle and the heroes become OhBlocker due to a boy's wish to him to "ride OhBlocker", which the ancient warrior had to abide by due to the desire to grant any wish to anyone who uses his key.Ep. 37: I am Gunmazin

Later pulled back after Bomber gets his hands on Gunmazin's key, he is released once again by his leader when Prince Buldont becomes the majin's master, in hopes of denying him of his wish of "riding OhBlocker". After the boy who originally controlled Gunmazin sets him straight, he and the Ohranger deal with Bara Police quickly, with Gunmazin using his "Fifth Strike" to disable it to take OhBlocker's "Twin Blokken Crash", destroying it.Ep. 38: It's Tough Being a Mazin!


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  • He utilizes multiple police officer artifacts utilities when he fights, including a revolver and a pair of handcuffs. He also uses a badge which he opens and transforms to from a human form when he goes into battle.

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