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"Thank you! thank you very much!"
―Bara Pinokiller (Ramen-Making Pinocchio's) first words
"My nose! My nose!"
―Bara Pinokiller's final words before his death

Bara Pinokiller (バラピノキラー Bara Pinokirā) is the puppet/Pinocchio-themed Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.

Character History


Bara Pinokiller as "Ramen-Making Pinocchio"

A Pinocchio-based Machine Beast created as a scheme to make themselves loved by humanity in order to slowly control them; the main Pinocchio was a "Ramen-Making" model used as a test device alongside a Pet Pinocchio adopted by Juri. Donning a cloak and mask, Pinokiller attacks Gorou and Juri as the others arrive, forced to run off and leave his disguise behind. While investigating the matter, Acha plants a detonation device in Juri's Pinocchio in a plan to blow the UAOH up, with Gorou chucking the robot away. Exposed, PinoKiller attempts to kill everyone in the factory, including the son of the restaurant owner. When the Ohrangers arrive, PinnoKiller assumes his true form as Shouhei saves the people as the other Ohrangers battle BaraPinnoKiller as the factory explodes. With the people running to safety, the Ohrangers defeat Pinnokiller with the Giant Roller as he then revitalized a giant. Forming Ohranger Robo, the Ohrangers use the Vulcan Head and Horn Head formations before using the Super Crown Sword to severe the monster's nose before being destroyed.


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  • It's main arsenal is brought about when installed with a special program by Acha, allowing for it to enter a "combat mode" with gun arms and a ruthless personality. When not with this programming, it is simply a helper Pinocchio robot who makes the best ramen possible; to the point that even Shouhei Yokkaichi/OhGreen constantly visits the restaurant that it works for.

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