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"YA, YA! Exactly! No one ever told me that you had to step on people's stomachs to keep the peace!"
―Bara Mobile's first words[src]

"Curse you, Ohrangers! I'll crush you!"
―Bara Mobile enlarging himself[src]

Bara Mobile was a clock/tanuki themed Machine Beast and the final surviving member of the Machine Empire Baranoia. He serves as the main antagonist of "Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Ohranger."

Character History

With his superiors either dead or defected, and the Empire no more, Bara Mobile intended to enlist the aid of the Bowzock to establish his own empire of "car-people". He was first seen by Kyosuke bathing in a hot spring and was ready to fight by Bara Mobile eventually convinced him that he was friend, not foe. He was originally aided by the Carrangers in the fight against the Ohrangers due to confusion between the teams. He retreated when Ohranger Robo and RV Robo went into battle against one another but both pursued him onto a dam at which point the Bowzock arrived and rescued him. He later kidnapped Goru to make him the first of his "car-people", only to be thwarted by Kyosuke. Both teams escaped at whioch point Bara Mobile and SS Sutatanzo went with a platoon of Combatant Wumpers to kill them but the Carrangers and Ohrangers easily beat them. Bara Mobile was taken out by the Olé Bazooka but Sutatanzo ate imo-youkan and Bara Mobile was able to enlarge himself without the aid of Acha and Kocha simply by spinning the silver wheel on his shoulder. Killed by Ohranger Robo with it's Crown Final Crash, taking any last hopes of the Machine Empire's rebirth down with him.


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Modus and Arsenal

Bara Mobile is an expert tactition capable of tracking all five Carrangers into aiding him and could spew large green energy balls out of his mouth.

Behind the scenes

concept art



Bara Mobile was conceived by designer Osamu Abe, based on the assumption that he would be a relative of Emperor Bacchus Wrath.[1]

  • Although unused in Power Rangers Turbo, his concept for the Machine Empire Remnants was used in Power Rangers Wild Force team-up Forever Red.
  • The reason he went unadapted due to there never being a team-up between the Zeo or Turbo Rangers since both had the same cast (and the Zeo cast bowed out partway through and not wishing to return).

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