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Bara Micron (バラミクロン Bara Mikuron) is a centipede-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.

Character History

Bara Micron was released on Earth by Kaiser Buldont and Multiwa as their herald for the final conquering of Earth. Appearing in the dark of night without no one except Mikio noticing, it begins to distribute Dark Particles throughout Japan, affecting everything touched by them from household machines to U.A.O.H.'s Ohranger base in the Japan Alps! When it appears in giant form to cause chaos as Earth's defenses weaken and Baranoia begins an all-out attack, the Ohranger use OhBlocker and later Red Puncher to try and take down the massive monster. However due to it's ability to separate itself, it is able to perform multiple strikes against both targets before using Dark Particles to shut down and capture the mecha, likewise leading to the Ohranger base being destroyed in an attack by Buldont's forces. Due to being struck by the Dark Particles, the Ohranger likewise lose their connection with their Super-Power and lose their ability to transform.Ep. 45: Destruction!! The Super-Powered Base

As the Ohranger continue to try and stand against Baranoia as Earth's fate becomes closer to doomed, KingRanger attempt to fight against Bara Micron as well, only to be likewise struck by Dark Particles, destroying his means to transform as well. With matters entering into a desperate situation, Dorin decides to use her power to pray for assistance from the Dorin home-world; her devotion and power ultimately releases a tetrahedron-shaped crystal which she uses to begin to restore Riki and the Ohranger's Super-Power, as well as uses her own Super-Power to instantly destroy Bara Micron.Ep. 46: Earth's Final Day!!


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  • It's main ability is the release of "Dark Particles", special particles devised by Baranoia to disrupt machinery struck by it, forcing them under their control; likewise it has the ability of nullifying Super-Power as a means to weaken those who use it such as the Ohranger and KingRanger. In combat, it's main ability is to separate itself into multiple smaller bodies, allowing for it to elude and perform simultaneous attacks against multiple opponents.

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