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"I'm sorry I wasn't more useful.....Bomber the Great for life!"
―Bara Mammoth's final words before his death

Bara Mammoth (バラマンモス Bara Manmosu) is a mammoth-themed Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia under Bomber the Great

Character History

Bara Mammoth came to Earth alongside Bomber when he takes over Baranoia upon the death of Emperor Bacchus Wrath; with Butlers Acha & Kocha riding on top of it due to their own rebellious attitude over the remaining royalty Hysteria and Buldont. With Momo stuck trying to defuse a bomb that had previously been lodged in a car trapping a girl inside, the other four Ohranger are forced to hold it off and have a hard time fighting it even with their Blocker Robo. After Momo defuses the bomb and joins in, the team quickly form OhBlocker and easily overpower Bara Mammoth, slaying it with the Twin Blokken Crash.


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Its main power is it's strength, which is enough to overwhelm four individual Blocker Robo on its own. It also has powerful homing tusks it can fire and uses a standard associated with its leader, Bomber the Great, as a sword-like weapon.

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