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"Almost there! Preparations complete! Hit the deck!"
―Bara Magma's first words to some Barlo Soldiers when preparing to drop a bomb into a volcano.[src]
"You need to die already, Ohranger! Like a moth to my flame! I'll finish you!"
―Bara Magma advancing to kill Momo before the other four Ohrangers arrive and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
―Bara Magma reacting to Ohranger Robo with it's Super Crown Sword and his final words before his death.[src]

Bara Magma (バラマグマ Bara Maguma) is an excavator Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.

Character History

A miner-based Machine Beast with a smaller mechanoid that enables him to use his Magma Beam and Magma Missile attacks. He is sent to Mt. Fuji to make the volcano active in Buldont's scheme to destroy Tokyo. When the Ohrangers arrive, Bara Magma pursues Momo as she eludes him with the aid of Johnny. Later, Bara Magma proceeds to shove a boy Shota into the pit as Johnny saves the boy and bites Buldont's hand in the process. As a result, Hysteria has Bara Magma kill off the dog for harming her son. Enraged, Oh Pink battles her way to Bara Magma, fighting him in spite of her injuries until the others arrives and they use the Giant Roller to defeat him. Revitalized as a giant, Bara Magma battles Ohranger Robo, first using Cannon Head configuration to counter Bara Magma's long-range attacks, but the Magma Beam from the smaller mechanoid forced the Ohranger to switch back to Wing Head configuration to summon Super Crown Sword to destroy the small mechanoid, allowing the Ohranger to quickly finish Bara Magma off with Crown Final Crash.

A second Bara Magma was built to take part in Baranoia's "Magma Enhancement" project, but was destroyed due to the Ohranger's "Trojan Horse" tactic with the Blocker Robo.


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  • It's main ability is a special shovel/jackhammer arm it uses to dig and destroy up rock for the creation of magma holes for causing localized eruptions; it also can fire "magma beams" and "magma missiles" by order of the tiny mechanoid on its head.

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