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Bara Madillo (バラマジロ Bara Majiro) is the armadillo-themed giant Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

A giant armadillo-themed robot that could roll up into a spiked ball, making it nearly invulnerable to various attacks (such as Chouriki Taurus Thunder from Ohranger Robo's Horn Head configuration). Bara Madillo easily overpowered Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher, forcing them to attempt to form Buster Ohranger Robo. But as the two robots are unable to due to the latter's memory chip missing, Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher are forced to fallback.

Learning that the chip ended up in the possession of a boy named Satoru, Madillo is sent after the boy with Ohranger Robo holding the Machine Beast off while Oh Red gets Satoru to safety. But after Bacchusfundo destroys the portable computer holding the chip, it turns out Goro got tattooed by the blast with program code on his back which Miura types into Red Puncher's programming as it is deployed. After Red Puncher stuns Bara Madillo with Magna Puncher and Puncher Gatling, Buster Ohranger Robo is formed, and it uses Big Cannon Burst to destroy Bara Madillo.

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Powers and Abilities


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  • It's main ability is the ability to roll up in a ball, making it invulnerable to both Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher's attacks.

Behind the Scenes


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