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Bara King (バラキング Bara Kingu) is a Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia under Machine Beast Tamer Keris

Character History

Another of Keris' pets, Bara King is designed after Riki, the King Ranger, after she abducts him. Sent to Earth to capture little girls for his mistress' plan, he additionally was used to mess with the Ohrangers by making them think Riki is converted into a Machine Beast. But once Riki returns, the truth is revealed as King Ranger defeats Bara King. Once enlarged by Kocha, Bara King aids Keris in fighting Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher. But once King Pyramidder assumes Carrier Formation, Bara King is destroyed by its barrage.


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  • Having been formed with the basis on KingRanger, Bara King possesses combat skills and abilities that are exactly the same as the ancient Pangaea warrior.

Behind the Scenes


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