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Bara Kendama (バラケンダマ Bara Kendama) is a kendama (cup-and-ball)-theme giant Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

Built in the likeness of the giant Kendama Robo, Bara Kendama was used by Hysteria pose as the robot when it was donated to be piloted by Oh Blue. Once the trap is sprung, Bara Kendama assumes his true face and hold Yuuji hostage he goes on a rampage with Hysteria. Oh Red is powerless to fight back in the Red Puncher out of fear of killing his teammate until he leads Bara Kendama into a trap by Oh Green piloting Kendama Robo. This allows Oh Pink and Oh Yellow to get Yuuji out so Red Puncher can finish the Machine Beast off with its Magma Puncher.


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  • Similar to Kendama Robo, it uses a giant ball and cup as it's main weapon; its main difference is that it is made of metal like a typical Machine Beast instead of wood like Kendama Robo.

Behind the Scenes


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