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Bara Hunter (バラハンター Bara Hantā) is a hunter-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

Bara Hunter is a hunter Machine Beast working alongside Emperor Buldont and Empress Multiwa to crush the Ohranger in order to set them up for a public execution. Dorin sees it when it prepares to initially attack but fails to say anything after it tells her not to, thus allowing for it to get away with attacking the Ohranger. Feeling ashamed by what she had done, Dorin tries to pull a forbidden sword from within King Pyramider to utilize its power, but is prevented by Riki, who uses the sword and its evil power to crush Bara Hunter and the Baranoia emperors. After Dorin prays to stop Riki's rampage, Bara Hunter is defeated by a combo of King Victory Flash and the Ole Bazooka; after Acha and Kocha grow him, he is dealt with quickly by King Pyramider Battle Formation.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Stealth


  • It has multiple weapons including a shoulder cannon and a boomerang.

Behind the Scenes


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