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Bara Hungry (バラハングリー Bara Hangurī, 25): A Machine Beast with a hard body able to cover food in a mold. However, he sidetracks when he intrudes a family celebrating the father's birthday, literally eating them out of house and home before he gets drunk on sake. The Ohrangers acquire the unconscious Bara Hungry and attempt to blow him up when Acha reactivates Bara Hungry as he runs off. After a scolding from Acha, Bara Hungry resumes his plan until the Ohrangers lure him out in a festive battle. Distracted by festive dancing, Bara Hungry is tricked into drinking sake and gets too drunk to defend himself against the new Ohré Bazooka. After being enlarged, Bara Hungry covers Ohranger Robo in mold before proceeding to eat it piece by piece. Once against distracted, Bara Hungry is sucker punched by Red Puncher as the Machine Beast is destroyed by Buster Ohranger Robo.



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