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Bara Hacker (バラハッカー Bara Hakkā) is a computer-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

On Buldont's suggestion, Bara Hacker is sent to hack into the UAOH database to access vital info on the Ohrangers' Chōriki Mobiles. Though unable to get the Chōriki Mobile data, Bara Hacker accessed the Ohrangers' arsenal and thus countered any of the Ohrangers' current weapons. Bara Hacker then proceeded to take control of all digital processes in the city, causing anarchy as a result as part of a distraction to access the Chōriki Mobile data at the databank. However, Hacker fell into the Ohrangers' trap and counters their King Smashers and then the Big Bang Buster. However, Oh Red used the newly introduced Giant Roller to defeat Bara Hacker, who had no data for him to devise a counter against. Once enlarged by Kocha, Bara Hacker battles Ohranger Robo and is overwhelmed by Horn and Graviton Head configurations with his screen shattered before being scrapped by the Crown Final Crash.


Bara Hacker has a mocking personality, tormenting the Ohranger with childish speak as it performed the serious threat of hacking into their mecha systems.


It's main ability is that of hacking into computer networks, with its intent to crack all of the passwords protecting the valuable information associated with Ohranger Robo. It also possesses a powerful defensive measure to analyze and adapt to any weapons attacking it; as well as the ability to select a variety of weapons (including a saw and bombs) that it can select from its programming and fire against its opponents from its screen.

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