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Bara Guard (バラガード Bara Gādo, 44) is a Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.


Bara Guard is the "protector" of Empress Multiwa during a scheme where she tries to seduce the male Ohrangers on her side in order to try and get the mecha from them, appearing as a Maltese dog before transforming into its true form when she is revealed to be behind it. When Momo finds and activates Gunmazin to help her out, it assists in fighting against the monster. It is defeated initially by the Ohranger's Dynamite Attack and, after it is grown by Acha and Kocha, it survives the OhBlocker/Tackle Boy's Dynamite Tackle; but is destroyed when Momo instructs Gunmazin to assist, leading to it being destroyed by the ancient warrior's "Seventh Strike".Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 44: The Strongest Beauty on Earth


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  • As a "guardian", it uses multiple protective weapons such as a spear, shield and a flamethrower that is installed within its head.

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