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Bara Gold (バラゴールド Bara Gōrudo) is a golden retriever-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia under Bomber the Great.

Character History

Bara Gold is initially revealed as the "Beckoning Dog", a small golden retriever statue brought forth by Bomber the Great in his scheme to finally finish conquering Earth after removing the last remains of Barnaoia's royalty in Buldont and Hysteria. Having Acha sell the dog statue to a family, it feeds off their greed as it turns objects in their house into gold, while growing in size and power as it does so. Its power further grows as other people become obsessed with the statue and try to make it their own, making it powerful enough to attack people, including the parents of the boy who took the statue initially and even solidifying the legs and arms of Shouhei. As it grows big enough to become a major threat, four of the Blocker Robo were summoned but they and became threatened as parts were solidified by the Beckoning Dog's gold beam.

After KingRanger's King Pyramider arrived and attacked with Super Burn Wave, it only caused Bara Gold to change into its true form, and overpower King Pyramider. Seeing another mecha as the only way to help KingRanger and with OhBlocker out of the question without Shouhei and with parts solidified by gold, Gorou summons Red Puncher, but Bara Gold overpowers it. After realizing it's receivers are it's weakspot, Gorou and Riki tag-team him with Riki attacking first with King Pyramider's beam attack, followed by Gorou using Red Puncher's Puncher Gatling, followed by Magna Puncher to finally destroy the gold beam receivers on Bara Gold to undo the curse. Bara Gold then ensnares all the Ohranger mecha with his electric chains. After summoning Ohranger Robo to destroy Bara Gold's chains to free both Red Puncher and King Pyramider, it allows the three mecha to form King Pyramider Battle Formation to destroy Bara Gold with the Super Legend Beam.


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  • It's main ability are two receptors that fire a beam that turns anything hit by them into gold. Since it was created small as the "Beckoning Dog", its power grows as it feeds off humanity's greed. After revealing its final form, it likewise uses weapons such as chains that allow for it to capture and hold on to its giant opponents.

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