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Bara Goblin (バラゴブリン Bara Goburin) is a goblin/wolf-themed Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia under Machine Beast Tamer Keris.

Character History

A Machine Beast kept in a cage by Keris as a pet, she summons Bara Goblin to handle Oh Blue, Oh Yellow, and Oh Pink while attempting to kill Dorin. But before he can get to Dorin, Riki arrives to save her. Becoming King Ranger, he uses King Victory Flash to defeat Bara Goblin before Kocha enlarges him. After overpowering Ohranger Robo and RedPuncher, Bara Goblin is easily destroyed by King Pyramider's Super Burn Wave.


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It is a wild beast that possesses no rational thought or common sense but to be loyal to his mistress.


  • Its main power is its strength, which it uses for combat.

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