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Bara Excellency (バラカッカ Bara Kakka) is an nostalgia-theme Machine Beast of Machine Empire Baranoia

"At times, I am a man in full dress uniform. At other times, I am the picture show man. At other times, I am a goldfish vendor! Yet other times, I'm Tange Sanzen. At still other times, I am... Oh, forget it! My true form is... Bara Kakka!"
―Barra Kakka[src]

Character History

An eccentric Napoleon-like robot able to assume human form, Bara Kakka arrives to Japan during Tanabata. Falling in love with Momo at first sight, having an obsession over the girl and uses his talents as a master of disguise and dimensions to cause trouble for her as he makes his declaration of love to her while assuming his true form when she turns him down. Though he had the advantage over Oh Pink and intended to boil her alive, Bara Kakka has a change of heart after Ba-Chan stops him and puts him in his place. After freeing Momo, Bara Kakka is reminded his mission as the Ohrangers fight him before they defeat him with the Giant Roller. Enlarged, Bara Kakka battles Ohranger Robo and RedPuncher, weakening him with Red Puncher's heavy punches and Ohranger Robo Cannon Head's Moa Cannon before they form Buster Ohranger Robo to finish him off.


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  • Bey Tops: Using this, Bara Excellency can slip people into another dimension.
  • Karuta Cards: Using this, Bara Excellency can slip people into another dimension, as well as attacking them.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The "kakka" in it's name is the Japanese word for "His Excellency", thus its name is "Bara Excellency"

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