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"You came, Ohranger. Behold my incredible sharpshooting skill!"
―Bara Darts' first words[src]

Bara Darts (バラダーツ Bara Dātsu) is a scorpion-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

A scorpion-themed Machine Beast who able to shoot Poison Darts on his tail, causing the target to be infected with a rusting poison. Sent to disable the Ohrangers' ability to use the Ohranger Robo, Bara Darts infects Gorou, Shouhei and Yuuji through trickery. But when Momo and Juri arrive to beat the Machine Beast for taking out their male teammates, he reveals to be in possession of an antidote before Juri offers to work for Bara Darts, winning the Machine Beast's trust by going after Momo and attempts to kill her. However, it all turned out to be a farce by Juri to weasel the antidote into her hands by faking being accidentally hit by a Poison Dart, only to learn she was given a fake container. But Momo uses a holograms of the men to trick Bara Darts into giving them the real antidote. After playing football to keep away Acha and the Barlos, Momo takes the antidote to the men while Juri holds off their pursuers. Arriving to Juri's aid in full force, the Ohranger men take out the Barlos while the female members double team Bara Darts before being defeated Oh Red's Star Riser. But after being enlarged by Kocha, Bara Darts battles Ohranger Robo and is weakened by the Vulcan and Cannon Head configurations before being scrapped by the Crown Final Crash.

A second Bara Darts was built to take part in Baranoia's "Magma Enhancement" project, but was destroyed due to the Ohranger's "Trojan Horse" tactic with the Blocker Robo.


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While being a brute, Bara Darts is a bit of a showman, willing to show off his abilities in marksmanship, but only as a means to deceive and attack enemies, such as when he attacks the Ohranger males.


It's main ability is the usage of special darts that it fires from its tail to infect anything hit by them with a "rust" that corrodes them and kills them; while typically it would kill a human instantly with its power, the Superpower of Ohranger makes them possess a six-hour time limit to live after being infected.

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