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Bara Crusher (バラクラッシャー Bara Kurasshā) is a tank/parasite theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

Bara Crusher is a Machine Beast brought to Earth by Acha, Crusher ambushed the Ohrangers in the boiler room of an apartment building. Though destroyed by the King Smashers, Crusher bit a Police Officer just prior to its death, infecting the man with insect-bots that entered his bloodstream and converted him into a new Bara Crusher. This new Bara Crusher started kidnapping children and infecting them. The Ohrangers interfered, with the second Bara Crusher accidentally torching the building and forcing the Ohrangers to take his son from harm. The Ohrangers managed to use Bara Crusher's fear of fire and heat to force it out of the officer, with the bug being blasted by OHRed's King Blaster.Ep. 4: Grotesque!! Iron Man Papa

A third, giant Bara Crusher was built as part of Bacchus Wrath's "Magma Enhancement" program, becoming one of four Machine Beasts enhanced by magma energy. After the Ohranger destroy the Earth base of Baranoia with their new Blocker Robo, Bara Crusher is destroyed by Yellow Blocker and Pink Blockers.Ep. 33: The Five Robos' Great Riot

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  • Its main ability on its own are huge, sharp jaws that bite and crush whatever they encounter. However the biting leads to its real ability: the infection of flesh with special "Metal Amoebas" that transform anyone infected by them into a clone Bara Crusher. Smaller Bara Crusher Metal Amoeba exist within the larger main body that can be spit out and released for infection on their own without the need of the main or host body. A second version is granted a strengthening magma armor to protect it and make it more powerful; as well as being constructed giant size from the start.

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