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"I love you, Oh Yellow!"
―Bara Clothes final words before his death

Bara Clothes (バラクローズ Bara Kurōzu) is a silkworm-themed Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.

Character History

A silkworm-like Machine Beast who could spray silk from his mouth. After finding Buldont and Bacchusfundo with a swimsuit issue, an upset Hysteria deploys Bara Clothes to use his powers to convert people's outfits into battle armor that allows him to control the wearers through the projection from his head. The male Ohrangers and Momo are among the affected as Juri is forced to run off after her Power Brace is taken. Though overpowered and outnumbered, Juri realized Bara Clothes' method and put a dress over her suit. He then hit her swimsuit, thinking she'd be in the nude if she took it off, only to find out that she had slipped a bikini underneath her swimsuit as she breaks the Machine Beast's hold over her teammates. Once defeated by the Ohrangers' Chouriki Dynamite technique, Bara Clothes is enlarged as and ensnares Ohranger Robo with it's silk, forcing OhRed to call in Red Puncher. After weakening Bara Clothes with Puncher Gatling and Ohranger Robo Vulcan Head's Dogu Vulcan attack, the Ohrangers form Buster Ohranger Robo and destroy him.


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  • It's main ability is a special silk that it emits on clothing; anyone who wears the sprayed article will have the clothing turn to a special armor that brainwashes you into Bara Clothes' control and under the power of Baranoia.

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