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Bara Builder (バラビルダー Bara Birudā) is a giant absorbing/construction-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.

Character History

A giant Machine Beast that could absorb electricity and have weapons and additions attached to it to make it stronger. In its first battle it is able to withstand the attacks from Ohranger Robo's Horn Head and Vulcan Head configurations and upgrade itself. Though the Ohrangers gain the advantage when they switch it back to Wing Head configuration to use Super Crown Sword, Emperor Bacchus Wrath distracts the Ohranger long enough for Bara Builder to sneak one of it's wires underground allowing for it to ensnare Ohranger Robo and absorb it's energy, breaking the Super Crown Sword and badly damaging Ohranger Robo.

After Kocha overhears Chief Miura explaining to the Ohrangers about Ohranger Robo's predecessor Red Puncher, Bara Builder is sent after Goro to prevent him from reaching it. With the other Ohrangers providing a distraction, OhRed is able to activate Red Puncher. However as he is not able to control it, Bara Builder still has the upper hand. It is only after OhRed receives a vision of Red Puncher's original pilot Lt. Kirino that he is able to get the Cho-Riki energy under control allowing him to gain full control of Red Puncher. OhRed then uses Red Puncher to assault Bara Builder with heavy kicks and punches before finishing him off with Puncher Gatling.


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  • Bara Builder starts with a basic form; but "evolves" with each attack it takes, becoming more powerful and forming new pieces to protect itself from attacks; it also has a siphon that can absorb energy to likewise evolve.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Bara Builder's ability to evolve and become more powerful by absorbing energy from attacks is similar to Dora Antaeus from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, who was able to evolve and regenerate into more powerful forms from battle as long as his heart was intact.

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