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"You've fallen right into my trap, Miura. I knew my mirages would lure you out eventually!"
―Bara Brain appears before Chief Counsellor Miura.[src]

Bara Brain (バラブレイン Bara Burein) is a Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia, who possesses strong psychic powers.

Character History

A cunning Machine Beast, Bara Brain was thought highly of by Empress Hysteria, who described him as the "cream of the Baranoia Army Machine Beasts." Bara Brain was deployed by Hysteria to locate the whereabouts of the UAOH base before development of the Ohranger's five new mechas can be finished. Bara Brain manipulated the Ohrangers' commander Naoyuki Miura, sending him telepathic visions of Mitsuko, the daughter of the commander's deceased UAOH comrade, Endo to give him a false sense that she is in danger. Bara Brain's plan worked and he was able to ambush the Ohrangers and Miura, cornering the commander and Mitsuko. He then possessed Mitsuko's body and successfully captured Miura. Bara Brain creates the giant behemoth, Bara Separate, to hold off the Ohrangers while he interrogates Miura. Bara Brain used Mistuko to fill Miura's mind with guilt over the death of her father, though the commander was able to see through the illusion and resisted the former's cruel tricks. The Ohrangers and the UAOH staff were able to complete Dash Lion and Moa Loader, deploying them to battle Bara Separate. Realizing that he still has time to stop the three remaining mechas from being finished, Bara Brain threatens to kill Mitsuko if Miura doesn't surrender the base's location.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 6: The Formidable Enemy, Brain Machine

The Ohrangers were able to locate Bara Brain and engage him in battle. They were eventually able to rescue both Chief Miura and Mitsuko, but were pursued relentlessly by Bara Separate and Bara Brain's Barlo Soldiers. Entrusting the Ohrangers to finish the mechas without him, Miura choose to stay behind and lure Bara Brain away from Mitsuko and the Ohrangers. Having recaptured Miura, Bara Brain called out the Ohrangers, ordering them to surrender within one hour or else Miura will be executed. Hysteria appears before Bara Brain and prepares to personally execute Miura, but were interrupted by the Ohrangers in the completed Chōriki Machines. Baffled that the Ohrangers were able to complete the mechas without Miura's help, both Bara Separate and Baranoia's invading forces were overwhelmed by the Ohrangers' Chōriki Machines. Bara Brain pilots a Takonpas to battle Oh Red in Sky Phoenix. Despite the Ohrangers' triumphant opening battle, the tides quickly turned in Bara Brain's favor and Bara Separate was able to defeat the Chōriki Machines. Before he can finish off the Sentai team, the mechas combined together to form the OhrangerRobo. In the end, Bara Brain died in conjunction with Bara Separate due being mentally linked to him, falling flat on his face and detonating.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 7: Complete!! The Super-Powered Robo


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Bara Brain's main abilities involve psychic and telepathic powers, Bara Psychic and Bara Telepathy. He was able to send Chief Miura telepathic messages from afar by simply using a photograph of the commander. Bara Brain is also able to possess other beings in order to fully control their will and force others under his desires. He also possesses two "orb eyes", which he can use to shoot out lightning and project illusions.
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Bara Brain Takonpass.jpg

  • In addition to his psychic powers, Bara Brain is able to summon the large Machine Beast, Bara Separate, using one of his "orb eyes" to create it by merging multiple vehicles.
  • Bara Brain also pilots his own custom Takonpas, able to emit smoke, Takon Smog, and fire, Takon Fire.

Behind the Scenes


Bara Brain was voiced by the late Kaneto Shiozawa (塩沢 兼人 Shiozawa Kaneto), who would go on to voice Dark Merchant Biznella in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

Bara Brain was designed by Yasuhiro Moriki (森木靖泰 Moriki Yasuhiro), who based his design from a character he previously worked on; Victorious Saint Coolgin from Choujinki Metalder.


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Concept Art


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  • Bara Brain was never adapted in Power Rangers Zeo, although Bara Separate would go on to be adapted as Staroid, with all surrounding footage of Bara Brain cut. However, he was seen in a Power Rangers Zeo toy commercial.
  • Bara Brain was one of the five Machine Beasts that were never adapted in Power Rangers Zeo.


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