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""Bara-Psychic! Bara-Telepathy! Bara-Psychic! Bara-Telepathy! Bara-Psychic! Bara-Telepathy! Where are you Muira]""
―Bara Brain's first words when chanting on the Moon trying to find Chief Counsellor Miura.[src]
""Wh-what is that?!""
―Bara Brain reacting to the newly completed Ohranger Robo and his final words before his death.[src]

Bara Brain (バラブレイン Bara Burein) is a psychic/genius Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.

Character History

According to Hysteria, Bara Brain was the "cream of the Baranoia Army Machine Beasts." Bara Brain is a cunning Machine Beast whose psychic power is used by Hysteria, who sends him to get the location of the UAOH base Chief Miura through the daughter of the commander's deceased U.A.O.H comrade Endo, Mika. He creates Bara Separate to hold off the Ohrangers before he captured Miura and called out the Sentai team to meet him by noon. When the Ohrangers arrive in the completed Chōriki Machines, Bara Brain pilots a Takonpas to battle Oh Red in Sky Phoenix. In the end, Bara Brain died in conjunction with Bara Separate due being mentally linked to him, falling flat on his face and detonating.


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  • Bara Psychic's main abilities involve psychic and telepathic powers, being able to possess other beings in order to fully control their will and force others under his desires. He also possesses two "orb eyes", one of which he uses to create Bara Separate from an orb and multiple vehicles as well as being able to summon thunder and lightning on the Moon.

Behind the Scenes


Bara Brain was voiced by the late Kaneto Shiozawa.


  • Bara Brain was never adapted into Power Rangers Zeo although Bara Seperate would go on to become Staroid with all surrounding footage of Bara Brain cut.
    • The reason for this is unclear but it is probably because the unmorphed Ohrangers and Muira were in almost all of it (including the shot of him dying) as well as Mika being a small Japanese girl who he possesses for almost all of his episode, however he was seen in the Power Rangers Zeo toy commercial.
  • Bara Brain is one of just four Machine Beasts that was never adapted for Power Rangers Zeo. The others were Bara Nightmare, Bara Saucer's first model, Bara Police, and Bara Mobile.


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