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"I'll beat you to a pulp!"
―Bara Boxer's first words after being enlarged[src]

Bara Boxer (バラボクサー Bara Bokusā) is a boxing-theme Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia

Character History

Bara Boxer was devised by Buldont in a scheme to defeat the Ohranger's new Red Puncher mecha. Knowing of Shouhei Yokkaichi/OhGreen as a boxer in training, he manipulates the Machine Beast and the Ohranger to fight, forcing Shouhei to use his "flying punch" technique in order to learn how to utilize it. After Shouhei hurts his hand, the rest of the Ohranger fight it, but Acha and Kocha quickly grow it so it can instantly fight Red Puncher. In its first fight, it is able to defeat Red Puncher with the stolen "Flying Punch", but ends up destroying one of its glove-like fists forcing it to withdraw so it could be upgraded with better gloves.

By the time Bara Boxer returns, Gorou had partaken in boxing training with both Shouhei and his boxing instructor to be able to read Bara Boxer's abilities. Despite thinking it was going to fight in an honorable giant boxing match, Bara Boxer continues to use cheap moves even after Red Puncher finally defeats the Flying Punch forcing OhRed to go all out; ultimately defeating the giant Machine Beast with the Magna Puncher technique.


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  • It possesses skill in boxing programmed into it by Buldont, as well as a sledgehammer weapon and a frost breath it uses in desperation. After facing OhGreen and forcing him to use his Flying Punch, it learns the move and makes it part of its arsenal. It also possesses special spiked boxing gloves granted to it by Buldont after its original gloves are destroyed after its first usage of the Flying Punch against Red Puncher.

Behind the Scenes


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  • From from Bara Boxer's concept art, his color scheme was gonna be all blue, the reason for the color change is unknown.

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