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"Hello Baby! I found one! Here we go, widdle babies! "
―Bara Baby's first words when finding a young baby in it's cot at night.[src]
"I can't stand it! Then we'll make that baby cwy!"
―Bara Baby after the Ohrangers reunited Koh with his mother and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
"No! Ohhhhh-"
―Bara Baby's final words before his death.[src]

Bara Baby (バラベイビー Bara Beibī) is a Machine Beast of the Machine Empire Baranoia.


Bara Baby is a Machine Beast sent by Bacchus Wrath in a plan to make humans hate babies, thus ensuring the end of the human race. Bara Baby performs this by projecting a beam with the orb on his head, causing any baby within ideal distance to project painful sound waves upon crying that can cause mass damage. The Ohrangers battle Bara Baby as he was about to alter another baby, causing the babies he effected to cause city wide damage to cover his escape. However, Acha reveals the plan is bound to fail due to the mothers' love for their children. As a result, a change of plans is required as Bara Baby kidnaps baby Kou and places him in a nearby industrial area so his cries can cause an explosion that would effect the entire city. While the others fight off the Barlos, Gorou fights his way to Kou and saves the baby. Once Kou is given to his mother, the Ohrangers use the Big Bang Buster to take out Bara Baby. Revitalized as a giant, Bara Baby battles Ohranger Robo and initially has the upper hand until his rotating head laser is deflected back, crippling that mechanism and the monster as a while. Bara Baby is then destroyed with the Crown Final Crash.


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  • Bara Baby's main ability is the usage of a special transmitter that amplifies the power of baby cries for all babies within a certain area, making them powerful enough to destroy anything within a vicinity from bottles to entire buildings. It also uses explosive milk bottles and a tambourine that can create lightning; as well as a head that can completely rotate to fire lasers at opponents.

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