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The Banriki Monster (バンリキモンス Banriki Monsu) is a creature born similar to a Vader Monster, but is actually a powerful but lazy beast under the full control of the Demon King Banriki.

Character History

Although appearing to be hidden away within an egg like a typical Vader Monster, the Banriki Monster gave off a strange reaction when inserted into the Vader's Monster-Making Machine, unlike anything Queen Hedrian and her forces had ever encountered. When it hatches, it runs amuck through Vader Castle until it grows up and instantly removes the wax holding down its real master, the Demon King Banriki, who had been changed into a candle stand previously. With its massive power, it instantly allows for Banriki to regain control of the Vader Clan after his previous attempt failed; it also protected him from various assassination attempts by Hedrian's forces against Banriki. During an initial fight with the Denziman, it appears to crush them easily, with it only being stopped due to General Hedrer deciding to force Banriki to let him finish the Denziman himself in a final battle where he ultimately sacrifices himself for the Vader cause.

After Hedrer's death, Banriki sends out the Banriki Monster once again to defeat the Denziman as a giant. When the Denziman try to fight it, the creature takes control of DaiDenzin and prevents it from being used against it, forcing the heroes to retreat. As the Denziman try to contemplate how to defeat the Banriki Monster, IC forbids them from leaving Denzi Land believing that they're no match against it. Ultimately when Denziman finally convinces the robot mentor that they are willing to fight regardless of the risk, IC lets them fight, appearing initially to accompany them with Denzi Tiger but unknowingly sacrificing itself to become DaiDenzin's new mind to protect the mecha. Getting a transmission from Queen Hedrian, who learned intelligence from Mirror discovering the Banriki Monster's weak point is its tail, IC instructs the Denziman to attack it with the Denzi Sword; when they do, it makes it go haywire allowing for the team to use Electric Full-Moon Cut to finish it off.


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Known as a "willpower insect", his main power is to exert its own mental willpower via his tail to control anything and everything that its mind can perceive. His mind is always active and can discover motives, including intent of murder which it can stop to protect his master. This also allows him to spawn psychic explosions, change his size, and levitate. He can also emit a smoke that can undo the wax that bound Demon King Banriki as a candelabra and can shrink Dustlers with ease and can launch rockets from his fingers.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Like Demon King Banriki, Banriki Monster's name is a combination of two kanji: "ban" for "Barbaric"; "Riki" for "Power"


Concept art

  • Banriki Monster were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


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