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Bannoshin Akaza was a member of the Shinsengumi in Kyoto who discovered and healed the Zoinaian Baytonin who had crash landed while traveling the universe. After nursing him to health, Bannoshin taught Baytonin the art of bushido, which the alien grew to admire. Baytonin ultimately returned to his home planet to reunite with his family, but made a promise to one day return to protect Kyoto with Bannoshin. Not realizing his immensely long lifespan compared to humans, however, Baytonin would not return for another 140 years which led him to meet his descendant Banban Akaza - DekaRed of Earth's Special Police Dekarangers - who had coincidentally discovered Bannoshin's coat which was left in his grandparents' basement. Initially adopting the guise of Bannoshin to try and get Baytonin to leave, Banban proved to Baytonin that he had inherited his ancestor's samurai spirit as he met him in a duel with D-Sword Vega, assuring the alien that Kyoto had retained its link to the past despite the changes in the interim as he set off to space again.

Behind the scenes


Bannoshin Akaza was portrayed by Ryuji Sainei (さいねい 龍二 Sainei Ryūji), who also portrays Banban Akaza.


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