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Bandora Palace

The Bandora Palace (バンドーラパレス Bandōra Paresu) is a large castle where Witch Bandora and her gang reside during their invasion of Earth. She initially rests it upon a skyscraper after Bandora is freed from her confinement on planet Nemesis, but she quickly moves it to the Moon due to her hatred of children wanting her to be in no close proximity to them.Ep. 1: The BirthEp. 2: Revival! When her son Kai returns to herald the return of her master Dai-Satan, she likewise returns the palace to Earth to allow her to witness its final fall.Ep. 47: Break in! The Final Deciding Battle

The palace possesses multiple rooms by which Bandora does her work for conquering the planet. Its main meeting hall is a room with a balcony and a telescope upon it, allowing for her to watch the planet to plan schemes for its destruction. Another room houses the workshop of Pleprechuan, where he develops clay statues that are brought to life as DoraMonsters for her usage. The castle is multidimensional, with many doors going to bizarre unknown locations to prevent those who invade, such as the Zyuranger, from reaching what they desire easily.Ep. 1: The Birth

After the final fall of Dai-Satan, the Zyuranger return to the palace in order to capture Bandora once again. Due to her losing her magic from the sadness of losing Kai, the team is able to recapture her and her gang and send her into space through another urn, abandoning the castle on Earth as it disappears into thin air.Final Ep.: Long Live the Dinosaurs

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