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For the character form Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, see Bamba (Ryusoulger).


Bamba (バンバ Banba) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A Space Beast who possesses powerful electrical emission abilities, both from it's body and from tentacles that it can wrap a person within to shock them. It's special ability is firing a needle that affects women, transforming them into hairy "Bambamen" who have no love or care. Shiima chose to use Bamba, even to the surprise of Bazoo, as a means to eliminate all the mothers of Earth, believing that eliminating the love of a mother will ruin children and therefore ruin society. However, Sayaka ends up discovering that the ruining of emotions doesn't work on children who had already lost their mother and have found joy in other ways, as she discovers through two children who were immune to the plan. Shiima and Bamba target Sayaka and the children due to her plan and try to separate the youngest away, but Change Mermaid protects them up to the end. Ultimately, Sayaka uses all of her abilities in consecutive attack to weaken Bamba before destroying it with the Power Bazooka. After being rebuilt, Bamba had to be struck by several attacks, including several slashes of the Dengeki-Ken, before it could be completely stopped by the Super Thunderbolt attack.Ep. 12: Mama is Mermaid


its made very clear Bamba is not sentient and act like shiima's pet

Modus and Arsenal

Bamba had the power to shoot darts that turned women into Banbamen. Violent hairy beast that served the Gozma. they for get there were people demonic beast. His or rather Shiima's plan were to turn all the mothers on earth into Banbamen. Without mother to raise the children they would grow up feral and criminal. Eventully causing society to collapses. The fact that there would be billions of Banbamen attacking every one wouldn't help either. He and Shiima did not hesitate to use the Banbamen as human shields against the Changeman knowing they wouldn't attack human mothers. Bamba possesses powerful electrical emission abilities, both from it's body and from tentacles that it can wrap a person within to shock them



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Behind the Scenes

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