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"Time reverse! A sublime testing of my powers!"
―Bakutofūji-ER of the Timer's first words[src]

"This time, you shall see my true power!"
―Bakutofūji-ER of the Timer's first words being enlarged (second time)[src]

"I offer you my services!"
―Bakutofūji-ER of the Timer's first words being enlarged (first time)[src]

Bakutofūji-ER of the Timer (タイマーのバクトフージER, Taimā no Bakutofūji Ī Āru) is a horseshoe crab-theme member of the Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis.

Character History

Bakutofūji-ER was initially sent out by Metal Alice both to attack the Goseiger as well as to cover the real reason the Matrintis forces wanted the Gosei Angels: to test their newest weapon, Buredo-RUN of the Cyborg after his cybernetic adjustments and upgrades. Using his time manipulation, the Matroid easily defeats the Gosei Angels alongside Buredo-RUN's successful test. In order to protect the new cyborg, Bakutofūji-ER is immediately grown so the Goseiger would be forced to fight it. However, due to Buredo-RUN's programming holding on aspects of his hatred of the Goseiger, he ends up throwing an attack simultaneous to the giant Matroid, sending both him and Alata to a time prior to Heaven's Tower's destruction by Dereputa of the Meteor at the start of Warstar's invasion.

In the past, Alata is forced to continue fighting Bakutofūji-ER even as his four teammates end up not having the abilities at this point to even counter a Matroid in combat. But through watching the "future" Gosei Red in combat, they all gain the courage to fight back and thus gain the Change Cards to finally become Goseiger. Using the Gosei Buster, the five Goseiger damage Bakutofūji-ER, causing him and Alata to be sent back to the present while wiping away all traces of temporal changes, allowing for time to flow as it had prior to their intervention.

Once returned to the present, Bakutofūji-ER is grown once again to cover Robogog as he had collected data on Alata and the Gosei Angels, but Bakutofūji-ER is quickly defeated without his temporal powers by Ground Gosei Great via the Ground Great Strike.


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Modus and Arsenal

Bakutofūji-ER uses the Time Reverse (タイムリバース, Taimu Ribāsu) ability, able to turn back time 10 seconds either to prevent attacks or to reverse them before they are able to hit him or to restrategize and avoid when the Goseiger do the attack once he knows what they are going to do.

Behind The Scenes


Bakutofūji-ER was portrayed by Kōichi Sakaguchi (坂口 候一, Sakaguchi Kōichi)


  • Movie Reference: Bakutofūji-ER is named after Back to the Future (バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー, Bakku to za Fyūchā)
    • His sending Alata back to before the Goseiger truly formed is similar to the time-traveling done by protagonist Marty McFly, who is sent via a Delorean car time machine to the past where his interactions have consequences for his future.
    • He is one of five Matroids not adapted for Power Rangers Megaforce due to Nickeleodeon's 22 ep. limit.

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