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Bakuryuu Stegoslidon (爆竜ステゴスライドン Bakuryū Sutegosuraidon): A Stegosaurus nicknamed "Stego" (ステゴ Stego), who could combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Slidon, serving as a surfboard. He can similarly attach to BakurenOh, and assumes the same position on Killer AbarenOh, Killer BakurenOh, and OoAbarenOh. He and TopGaler combine into KillerOh, in which Stego forms the main body and head. Originally on the Abarangers side, debuting in Ep. 16: Riding! Abare Surfing, he was later taken by AbareKiller temporarily via mind control, but after awaking with his own willpower (separating KillerOh in the process), he left only to return to AbareKiller's side by his own will so he could fight at his full potential. Stego seemed to be the only one to really care about Mikoto's life, aside from Lije/Lijewel, to the point that in Episode 42 when it was certain the Dino Minder would explode soon he contacted the Abarangers in secret so they could help save Mikoto's life. His personality is almost similar to Ptera, but he can be a dunce like Dimenoko from time to time. In the finale, Stego asked Trinoid 12: Yatsudenwani why he was still on Earth.

Stego Dino Plate on Dino Minder.

Behind the scenes


Stegoslidon's name means "Stegosaurus" & "slide on".


Stego is voiced by Hiroshi Iida (飯田 浩志 Iida Hiroshi).


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