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Bakuryuu Pteranodon (爆竜プテラノドン Bakuryū Puteranodon), nicknamed "Ptera" (プテラ Putera), is the fastest of the three Bakuryuu and the partner of AbareYellow.

Character History

Back in Dino Earth, Ptera lost her husband to the Evolian onslaught.

Along with Tyranno and Kera, Ptera fell under the control of the Evolians who sent the three Bakuryuu on a rampage in the city of Tokyo in Another Earth. Calling out to any human who possessed a substantial amount of Dino Guts, Ptera's plea was answered by Ranru Itsuki who successfully tamed Ptera, proving herself as Ptera's chosen partner who would wield her power in the form of the Dino Brace to become AbareYellow. Ep. 1: Abare Dinosaur Big Charge!

Along with the other Bakuryuu, Ptera provided her Dino Guts to finally take down Invasion Garden Ultimate Form DezumoGevirus. Bidding farewell to their friends from Another Earth, Ptera told Ranru to find a nice boyfriend before returning back to Dino Earth with the others. Final Ep.: Only the Abare'd Number


Ptera is a kind and sweet Bakuryuu who is known to watch TV. She ends her sentences with the word "Pura" (プラ).


Ptera can reach speeds of Mach 1.2 and higher, with her wings, beak, and shockwaves effective on any enemy. She forms AbarenOh's helmet and "gown", the last can be removed for the Ptera Cutter, a bladed boomerang used by AbarenOh.

Behind the scenes


Ptera is voiced by Emi Shinohara (篠原 恵美 Shinohara Emi).


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