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"Come out, Bakuryuu Parasarokkiro!"

Bakuryuu Parasarokkiru (爆竜パラサロッキル Bakuryū Parasarokkiru): A Parasaurolophus nicknamed Parasa (パラサ) with a Spanish accent who can combine with Abarenoh to form Abarenoh Rokkiru, with a scissors arm and with his scissor tail he can cut things very precisely. He can similarly attach to Bakurenoh or Killeroh, and he can form the interior of MaxRyuuOh's left leg. He was living in the Juan Fernández Islands, where he ended up learning to speak Spanish until he sniffed Asuka's scent and arrived in Japan. In addition, he's an avid piano player. In the finale, he tells Emiri Imanaka to not lose her cheerfulness. He ends his sentences with "Parasa".

Parasa Dino Plate on Dino Brace.


AbarenOh Rokkiru

"BakuryuCombine! AbarenoRokkiru!"

Paras can combine with AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Rokkiru, by replacing the Tyranno Drill with a scissors arm for the Bakuryu Hissatsu Choki Choki Scissors finisher.

AbarenOh Veilus Rokkiru

"Bakuryuu Combine! AbarenoVeilusRokkiru!"

AbarenOh Veilus Rokkiru: In Episode 26, AbarenOh has Paras and Ankylo become its arms for a fishing-themed Burstosaur Bonito Fishing ( Bakryu Katsuo no Ipponzuri) attack against a Trinoid enabling for them to switch to AbarenOh Rokkiru to administer the final blow.

KillerOh Veilus Rokkiru

"Bakuryu Combine! KillerohVeilusRokkiru!"

KillerOh combines with Paras and Ankylo. Formed by Asuka in Episode 43 after he takes command of KillerOh. Finsher attack is Bakuryuu Hissatsu Drill Scissors ( Bakuryuu Hissatsu Doriru Shizasu), by first striking with the Ankylo tail anchor, then hacking with the Parasa's tail chopper.

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Parasa is voiced by Kōzō Shioya (塩屋 浩三 Shioya Kōzō).


  • Kiru is a Japanese word for "to cut".


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