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"Come out, Bakuryuu Bachycelonagurus!"

Bakuryuu Bachycelonagurus (爆竜バキケロナグルス Bakuryū Bakikeronagurusu): A Pachycephalosaurus nicknamed "Bachycelo" (バキケロ Bakikero), he was the first of the Bakuryuu eggs found. Once hatched, he remained at DinoHouse until he grew large enough to be placed in Brachio with the others. His personality is quite kiddish similar to Kera. In battle, he can replace Kera on AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Nagurusu, with a boxing arm. He can also form the "Nagurusu" power up arm on BakurenOh or KillerOh, and he forms MaxRyuuOh's right arm. In the finale, Bachycelo said to Mai Hakua that he's happy that she's so close with her dad (Ryouga Hakua), and to be good to him. He ends his sentences with the word "Baki".

Cephala Dino Morpher

Bachycelo Dino Plate on Dino Brace.


AbarenOh Nagurusu

"Bakuryuu Combine! AbarenOh!"

Bachycelo can replace Kera on AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Nagurus, with a boxing arm for the Bakuryuu Hissatsu Baki Baki Punch finisher.

Attacks: Bakuryuu Paki-Paki Punch

KillerOh Nagurusu Nokodon

"Bakuryuu Combine! KillerOh Nagurus Nokodon!"

KillerOh combines with Bachycelo and Dimenoko. First used in Episode 23 after AbareKiller captures and hypnotizes Baki and Dimo. Attacks with the Killer Baki Baki Punch, and the Killer Cross Thunder.

Other Combinations

Behind the scenes


Bachycelo is voiced by Sayaka Aida (相田 さやか Aida Sayaka).


  • The explanation of Bachycelonagurus' name is very complex. Baki-baki is said to be the sound of many swift jabbing punches in Japanese manga. Naguru is a Japanese word for a punch, as thrown in a boxing match. These two words are spliced into the term Pachycelphalosaurus thus: Baki-cephalo-naguru-us. Because the "saurus" splice onto the end of the word naguru sounds somewhat similar to the English word "knuckles", many mistakenly believe the Bakuryuu's name to be BakyceloKnuckles. However, the Japanese phonetics for knuckles are nakkurusu (ナックルス), not nagurusu (ナグルス), the latter forming his name.


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