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"Come out, Bakuryuu Ankyloveilus!"

Bakuryuu Ankyloveilus (爆竜アンキロベイルス Bakuryū Ankirobeirusu): A petulant Ankylosaurus nicknamed "Ankylo" (アンキロ Ankiro), who can replace Kera on Abarenoh to form AbarenOh Veilus, forming a shield and drill blade arm and can fire her drill for ranged attacks. She can similarly attach to Bakurenoh or Killeroh, and forms MaxRyuuOh's left arm. She often admits her lack of trust in the Abarangers, though still comes out to help when needed. It's interesting to note, that when she first contacted the Abarangers, she started them on a wild goose chase saying she was in the city, beach and farm. She was only found by accident and preferred to live a quiet life, until Asuka convinced her otherwise. In the finale, Ankylo noted that Trinoid 12: Yatsudenwani was an interesting fellow. She ends her sentences with the word "Kiro".

Ankylo Dino Plate on Dino Brace.


AbarenOh Veilus

"Bakuryuu Combine! AbarenOh Veilus!"

Ankylo can replace Kera on AbarenOh to form AbarenOh Veilus, forming a shield and drill blade arm. It can defend against attacks with the Veil Blocker (Beiru Burokka), and can be used together with the Tyranno Drill for the Bakuryuu Hissatsu Double Tornado (Bakuryuu Hissatsu Daburu Torunedo) finisher.

AbarenOh Veilus Rokkiru

"Bakuryuu Combine! AbarenOh Veilus Rokkiru!"

In Episode 26, AbarenOh has Parasa and Ankylo become its arms for a fishing-themed Bakuryuu Bonito Fishing attack against a Trinoid enabling for them to switch to AbarenOh Rokkiru to administer the final blow.

KillerOh Veilus Rokkiru

"Burstosur Combine! KillerOh Veilus Rokkiru!"

KillerOh combines with Paras and Ankylo. Formed by Asuka in Episode 43 after he takes command of KillerOh. Finsher attack is Bakuryuu Hissatsu Drill Scissors.

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Ankylo is voiced by Akemi Misaki (御崎 朱美 Misaki Akemi).


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