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""So that's as far as my revenge goes? Farewell Go-Ongers!""
―Bakki's final words before his destruction (which was also Hiramechimedes' final words as well).[src]

Hiramechimedes' ghost, refering to himself as Urameshimedes went from world to world and came upon the Samuari World, where he met Bakki. Bakki is a youma who specializes in destroying forests. He is stronger than BankiJyu and carries a sword capable of fire power. He was the only physical offense Urameshimedes had to fight against the Go-onger. Bakki mostly chased Saki and a boy spirit of the forest. Saki was able to defeat him with the boy's help. Urameshimedes posesses Bakki's body and enlarges it to kill the Go-ongers. However, the Go-on teams manage to use a G9 Grand Prix laced with salt on the two so the attack would not only kill Bakki, but exorcise Hiramechimedes in the process.


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