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""So that's as far as my revenge goes? Farewell Go-Ongers!""
―Bakki's final words before his destruction (which was also Hiramechimedes' final words as well).[src]

Hiramechimedes' ghost, refering to himself as Urameshimedes went from world to world and came upon the Samuari World, where he met Bakki. Bakki is a youma who specializes in destroying forests. He is stronger than BankiJyu and carries a sword capable of fire power. He was the only physical offense Urameshimedes had to fight against the Go-onger. Bakki mostly chased Saki and a boy spirit of the forest. Saki was able to defeat him with the boy's help. Urameshimedes posesses Bakki's body and enlarges it to kill the Go-ongers. However, the Go-on teams manage to use a G9 Grand Prix laced with salt on the two so the attack would not only kill Bakki, but exorcise Hiramechimedes in the process.



Somehow Bakki's face resembles the DC comics villains Validus.

Although Bakki was unadapted for Power Rangers RPM, he is based off of the episode Heroes Among Us. The reason for being unadapted for Power Rangers RPM was either too horrifying for American audiences, the forest itself had nothing to do with RPM's post-apocalyptic setting, or the character itself had nothing to do with the Venjix Virus.


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