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"This will do. (......) You fell for it. Don't worry your little heads, I've no intention of fighting you. (....) In a few hours, those thorny roses will release a large volume of pollen....A poisonous pollen that will cause everything on the surface world to rot, that is.And there is no way to contain the pollen so the Earth will become a dead planet."
―Pollen Psyma Beast Baira's first words

Pollen Psyma Beast Baira is a flower Psyma Beast under Dragon Dark King Salamandes

Character History

Baira is created as a means to prove Salamandes' mental strength over his siblings and GoGoFive; it plants a hand of itself on the ground for GoGoFive to investigate, leading to them falling for the trap and getting special flowers that lock down their GoBraces preventing usage. It then offers only two solutions to solve their problem: either they surrender and become killed by the Psyma, or they don't and let the flower on their wrists bloom releasing a pollen that will kill and destroy their city. GoGoFive try multiple methods to remove the flower, including electric shock and even a cure discovered by Mondo but Baira prevents any of them from being used due to the only options he gave: "death or destruction". Ultimately with the team resigned to killing themselves with a thermal bomb Matoi steals from his father, Nagare realizes the solution is to go into space to let the pollen be distributed in an area where no one will get hurt. Using Liner Boy, the team fly beyond Earth and let the flower bloom while opening a hatch to let all the pollen flow out of the ship before zapping it with the mech's laser. After defeating Baira's challenge, they return to Earth and easily defeat him with the V-Lancers, then destroy him with Victory Mars after Salamandes creates a Psyma Zone for the resurrected monster.


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Its key component is to use its vines to distribute a special flower that latches itself to a victim; the flower blooms in over 2 hours after being attached to a victim, where it distributes a noxious pollen that kills and destroys whomever is hit by it; the flower cannot be destroyed by any normal means and will regenerate if removed by itself. It also can split off parts of its body for traps as it does with GoGoFive at the start and can use an electric shock attack when it is resurrected.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His motifs are the ones of a Rafflesia and an Ivy
  • His name is an anagram of Ibara, which is the japanese word for "Thorn"

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