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Dream Vision Psyma Beast Bahamuu is a Baku-like Psyma Beast originally under Dragon Dark King Salamandes as well as his final Psyma Beast

Character History

Bahamuu was released by Pierre as revenge for GoGoFive killing his master Salamandes. Attacking the team while they were at a shrine visit for the New Year, he sucks out the dreams of four members of the team and Kyoko Hayase. Matoi decides to be fully sucked into Bahamuu's body, thereby allowing him to enter into the dream world in an attempt to wake up his siblings and Kyoko. When he is nearly defeated due to the control of the Psyma Beast, Mondo back at the house sings to them the song Minna, reminding them of their connection as siblings and breaking all of them out of Bahamuu's body; once the team regroups, they easily defeat him with the Big-V Buster.

After Pierre resurrects him, he releases a dream world of his own, which is Denus singing her song "Denus Syndrome" hypnotizing the male members. Matsuri responds back with her own song, "NEVER END!!", allowing for the boys to awaken and destroy Bahamuu with Victory Mars.


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  • His main ability is the ability to suction people's dreams from within their heads lulling them tired and taking control of their minds, influencing what they can do in the dream world if he so desires. He can also emit thoughts and create visual hallucinations, such as during his giant fight.

Behind the Scenes

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