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"Hey Whiger, nice job against Red Ranger."

Badrat is an Echidne based Phantom Beast Warrior who holds the spirit of the Rat. He is the partner of Rammer. He along with Rammer, serves as one of two main antagonists of the episode "The Spirit of Kindness".


Badrat along with Rammer were Phantom Beast Warriors. They were sent by Phantom Generals to attack Ocean Bluff. Rammer and Badrat were powerful enemies. They sed their horns and claws in battle and could shot energy blasts, and had strong armor. Rammer and Badrat had to sent ro the city the magic dust that teleported people into the cave in the mouse traps where they had to feed Phantoms and Dai Shi by their fear. In the first fight with Rangers, Badrat enlarged. The Dust didn't work on rangers for the first time. He fought with Rhino Pride Megazord of Dominic and Wolf Pride Megazord of RJ, while Theo and Lily fought with Rammer on the ground. Theo used the Rhino Blade of Dominic and Badrat was nearly defeated. But the monsters changed bodies. Rammer defeated the Megazords, using Tornado and Badrat again threw the dust on rangers. This time it worked and teleported them into the mouse traps. But then Casey and Whiger freed rangers, after they defeated Camille.

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