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"What?! You freed Madame Odius' soldiers?"
―Badonna when confronting Victor and Monty with Cosmo Royale and her final words before her death.[src]

Badonna was once one of Sledge's Outlaws who became the secondary antagonist of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel and served as Madame Odius' second in command.



At some time in the past, Sledge captured Badonna for Lord Arcanon but was not utilized against the Dino Charge Rangers and instead went to the main universe with him via the blackhole created by the Dark Energem. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Edge of Extinction

Super Ninja Steel

Badonna accompanies Sledge, Wrench, the Ghost Monster, the Kuliner Monster and the Vivix onto the wrecked Warrior Dome and meets Madame Odius there. She then escapes thanks to Madame Odius when the former meets the latter when he escapes a black hole. It is unknown why but they may have been taken to be sold should they meet any trouble in order to pay them to stay safe, or in order for them to help clear up the wreck. However, she is freed by Odius when she offers information on why Sledge has agreed to repair the Warrior Dome and reveals that the meteor which crippled the ship of full of Ninja Super Steel. Joining the Galaxy Warriors cast in an unknown role, she later accompanies Odius and Smellephant to Earth to find and revive the Ninja Nexus Prism but soon retreats with Odius when the Ninja Steel Rangers get their powers back. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Echoes of Evil

After Aaron Foster's drone damages the Tsunami Machine, Badonna comes to Earth to ask how Doomwave is progressing and states that Odius does not like waiting. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Making Waves

After the death of Game Goblin, Badonna tells Odius the news that she has booked the Galactic Ninjas for the next episode of Galaxy Warriors. She then shows Cosmo Royale his reflection in a mirror, showing that he has turned green and grown dreadlocks due to playing Game Goblin too much. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Game Plan

Badonna is seen talking with Odius, who has Wolvermean and Speedwing's Ninja Medallions saying that, if she gets all four Ninja medallions, she’ll be able to put her master plan into place to destroy the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Need for Speed

After Rygore’s death, Badonna finds Madame Odius and brings her the owner of the fourth medallion, Venoma. She takes the medallion from Venoma and gives it to Odius, who then creates Foxatron, her own personal Megazord, using four Foxbots that came with Venoma. She goes to the Galaxy Warriors stage and says that the Rangers defeated Rygore, but the show isn’t over yet. She then gigantifies Foxatron. There is a fierce battle but Foxatron runs out of power so they have to abandon the fight. Odius exits, with Badonna and Venoma coming to help her. Odius gets angry at Venoma, but she tells Odius she just needs to recharge the Medallions, which should only take a day. They then teleport back to the ship. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Caught Red-Handed

Badonna stops Wolvermean from getting his medallion back, telling him that it belongs to Odius now. She then helps Madame Odius and tells her about the scar she gained from the destruction of Foxatron. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Outfoxed

Badonna informs Odius that Lord Draven has been defeated and her mistress Gigantifies him only for him to be defeated as well. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dimensions in Danger

Badonna gives to Odius Venoma's medallion, which is the only medallion that survived Foxatron's destruction. Odius tells her that today is Valentine's Day and wants to use this day to destroy the Rangers and sends in Venoma for the job. However, Venoma is destroyed by the Ninja Blaze Megazord and thus ending the Galactic Ninjas. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Love Stings

When General Tynamon and Brax arrive, she hugs Brax and asks him about the 200 fan letters she sent. She then shows him the Upgraded Basherbots and is told Tom look after the guests by Odius. Tynamon tells her to get away from Brax but she tells him that she knows his secret. Her, Tynamon and Brax go to earth and introduce Brax to the Rangers, who pretends to be weak. When Brax is destroyed, she gigantifies him and sends down 4 Skullgators to aid him which allows him to escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Prepare To Fail

Badonna helps Odius trick Sheriff Skyfire into believing the Rangers are the bad ones for ”stealing” the Ninja Nexus Prism after he arrives to arrest Blammo. She even states that she was an eye-witness but this scheme ultimately falls through. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sheriff Skyfire

When Typeface escapes for the first time, she goes with him and battles the Rangers. She is able to overpower them but leaves when they turn the tables on her by setting her on fire with the Ninja Battle Morpher Hyper Arrow Blast. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tech Support

Badonna is seen when General Tynamon brings back the Ninja Fusion Star which the Rangers dropped. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Car Trouble

Badonna is seen with Odius when Tynamon explains his plan: to use the Ninja Fusion Star to create a Mega Monster by fusing six Skullgators. When she says that this plan won't work, Tynamon answers that she is only jealous. Odius is impressive but says that Badonna is right because the Ninja Power Stars respond only to a Ranger's voice. When Odius says that if Tynamon bring her the Power Satrs, she will not betray his little secret, but she says that his chances of success are weak. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Happy to Be Me

Badonna is seen again when Tynamon arrives with Brax into Odius' throne, stating that she respects their deal but Odius answers that he is not in position to require anything and reveals his secret. Tynamon is a tiny monster in a robot body, which Badonna and Odius mock him for and she says that he is more tiny that she thought, ridiculing him. Odius orders Tynamon to kidnap and hypnotize Mick with her new weapon and promises to gigantify him if he succeeds. After Tynamon's death, Badonna is with Odius when she explains that she can launch the first phase of her final plan. But Badonna says that her ray gun can touch only one person and if she can broaden his scope, Odius answers that she can't but Mick can. In his brainwashed state, Mick tells them that he can build a satellite to diffuse the ray gun's power all over Earth. Badonna is happy and brings Mick along to build it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Magic Misfire

In an effort to prove himself to Madame Odius, Brax asks her to fight the Rangers again with Badonna agreeing. To assist him, Odius also sends in Brax's friend Gorrox for her plan in order to enslave the human race. After Brax and Gorrox's deaths, she's seen sobbing and crying for her loss. But she forgets her grief after seeing Victor and Monty dressed in clown uniforms and mocks them with Cosmo. She tells Odius that the plan is ready to begin. Later, she welcomes her mistress with Mick in High School's Rangers, then Odius orders to her to send humans on the Warrior Dome Ship claiming that billions of humans help her to conquer the universe and Badonna agrees. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doom Signal

The end of Badonna and Cosmo Royale.

Badonna tells Odius that the mind controlling beam works perfectly and goes away, having been put in charge of sending the humans up to the ship. Shortly after, she is seen again surrounded with Basherbots and begins to teleport people on the Warrior Dome Ship, without noticing that Calvin is among the hypnotized humans, nor that Sarah and Hayley infiltrated the group pretending to be hypnotized, and that they teleported aboard the Ship to save him. Badonna is again revised, continuing to teleport people on the Warrior Dome Ship, but when she sees them running away in front of her and Basherbots, she realizes that they are no longer brainwashed and can only roar with fury. Shortly after, she is seen again with Cosmo on the Warrior Dome Ship, intercepting Victor and Monty. They are both furious that they released Odius' soldiers. Victor and Monty remember the explosive balls that Cosmo gave them, and tossed them on him and Badonna before teleporting away. Badonna can only scream before being killed with Cosmo, as well as a large part of the Galaxy Warriors, and then the Warrior Dome Ship is sent back to space again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reaching The Nexus


When she was a lowly outlaw in Sledge's custody, Badonna clearly had a disdain for being treated like a tool. By the time she encountered Madame Odius, she immediately pledged her loyalty in a desperate way to escape from her captor and in return she stole the Ninja Super Steel from the asteroid Sledge was taking. Over time, she has been proven to be Odius' ideal right hand woman by willingly going along with her plans and will attend to be assertive by any means to protect Odius or even scold an acquaintence to make sure that person obeys Odius. She even displays an act of care for Odius when she had been defeated and scarred by the Rangers. With her status for booking contestants, she knows ins and outs for each participant within the roster, including special guests as well. She absolutely has a crush for her idol warrior, Brax. After Brax' death, she mourned him to the point of sobbing.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Badonna could teleport to any location at will.
  • Fire Immunity: In the episode "Tech Support", the Hyper Arrow Blast's explosion set Badonna alight but she was not bothered.


  • Strength: As shown in the episode "Tech Support", Badonna could send the Rangers flying with a single swing of her fan.
  • Durability: Badonna was struck by the Hyper Arrow Blast which she survived while the Basher Bots were on fire.
  • Expert Fighter: In addition to her extraordinary raw strength, Badonna was an expert fighter who was able to fight off five Rangers at once.
  • Basherbots Summoning: Badonna was able to summon Basherbots at will.


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  • Metal Fan: Badonna used a Japanese-style metal bladed fan as her primary melee weapon which could be used as a shield or a weapon to hit people with.
    • Dart Blast: Badonna's strongest attack where she fired sharp white energy dart-like arrows engulfed in violet and magenta energy from her fan which surround the enemy and explode. This was powerful enough to take out Brody, Sarah, Hayley, and Calvin and send them flying into a courtyard.
    • Energy Bolt: Badonna could fire purple and silver energy bolts from her metal fan.

Behind the Scenes


  • Badonna was voiced by Marissa Stott who previously voiced Beauticruel in Dino Super Charge doing a Scandanavian Russian accent .
    • Her voice was almost the exact same as Beauticruel at multiple points but with an added accent. This is especially evident when she sent Skullgators to assist Brax when she essentially turned into a Russian Beauticruel.


  • Badonna's outfit was similar to what Japanese noblewomen wore in the feudal era. On her face, she sported an incomplete Onna-kei mask from the Noh theatre, which lacked the eyes and nose area.


  • Her name was a combination of the words "Bad" and "Madonna" which translates in Italian to "My Woman" and is the stage name of a popular singer.


  • Unlike her Sentai counterpart and like Madame Odius, she was not related to Galvanax and was the lover of Brax rather than his mother.


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