"It’s Mutant Time!"
―Morphing call


MMPR Season 1 - Mutant Rangers Morph

The Badge of Darkness is a pseudo morphing device that was in the possession of Rita Repulsa.


Rita Repulsa had Goldar retrieve the Badges of Darkness and gave them to Putty Patrollers to become her own team of Rangers. After training six Putties, Goldar only gave out five of the badges. Finding the last Putty lacking, Goldar destroyed it and crushed the sixth badge saying that no one was worthy of the red powers. The would-be Red Mutant Ranger's position was instead filled by Commander Crayfish.

It is unclear if the Badge of Darkness possessed any legitimate link to the Morphin' Grid, or if its powers were simply made to imitate the actual Power Morphers. It is also unclear how the Badge of Darkness differs from Rita's previous imitation Rangers last seen in A Bad Reflection on You beyond the difference in produced uniform and the addition of a Green Ranger.

Regardless, with the exception of the red Badge of Darkness which was destroyed by Goldar, each was destroyed with thier respective owner.


  • The Badges of Darknes have no Zyuranger counterparts due to coming fromZyu2 exclusive footage.
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