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"Rrrrrrrrrrrrugh! Go home, you wish you could when through I am with you."
―Bad Bookala’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Alright. *spits on hands.* Time it is to mangle some Megazord. (...) Come on Power Rangers, defeat Bad Bookala you think you can? Ah ha ha ha! You think I’m like your little friend in his spaceship, escaping? For this mistake, I now sentence you to a severe tongue lashing!"
―Bad Bookala when confronted by the Thunder Megazord and his final words before his destruction.

Bad Bookala was a Kabuki monster and a very minor antagonist in the episode “The Great Bookala Escape.”


Bad Bookala is created by Lord Zedd from the cockpit of Serpentera after the Rangers successfully help the peaceful alien Bookala escape back to his home planet and cripple the Evil Zord with a fake Lightning Diamond. Following in the steps of the disastrous Weldo monster, Bad Bookala's mission is to get revenge on the Rangers for Zedd's failed plan by destroying them all whilst posing as the real Bookala.

Bad Bookala is created from a fake Bookala doll they used to trick Zedd but the Rangers know right away that he is a fake because Zedd has decided to create a Bad Bookala right in front of them. Before they can even begin to form the Power Blaster, Zedd quickly decides to make Bad Bookala grow with a Growth Bomb which Bad Bookala catches and uses it himself.

The Rangers form the Thunder Megazord so Bad Bookala prepares himself and spits on his hands before using his long and deadly black tongue to wrap up the Thunder Megazord. However, the Rangers free themselves by slicing the tongue directly in two with the Thunder Saber which sends the monster flying. Bad Bookala is then thrown into the air by a tornado sent from the Thunder Saber and slain once he hits the ground. As the Thunder Megazord sheathes its Thunder Saber, Bad Bookala flails before slowly face-planting and exploding.


Unlike the peaceful alien Bookala who was kind, timid and friendly, Bad Bookala was sinister, villainous and spiteful and wanted to destroy the Power Rangers completely. Both Bookala and his evil doppelgänger talked with oddly organized grammar but Bad Bookala used far more violent and antagonistic terminology.

Powers and Abilities


  • Tongue Entrapment: Bad Bookala could launch out his tongue to entrap his enemies.


  • Depth Perception: Bad Bookala had depth perception despite having three eyes.


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  • Fists: Bad Bookala had no weapons of any kind but could presumably use his bare hands in combat (although he never did so).

Behind the Scenes



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  • Bad Bookala, and by extension the name of his planet and species as well as his kinder hearted counterpart, were derived as a pun on the word “kabuki” on which he and his counterpart were based.
  • Bad Bookala and Good Bookala used the same Dairanger monster suit as each other which is why they had him created after Bookala left and they never actually interacted.
  • Bad Bookala was originally a monster who could adopt multiple forms by possessing objects and people. Weldo was in fact his counterpart’s main battle form prior to being enlarged gained through possessing a pile of metal.
    • This is why Weldo had a Kabuki wig on throughout his limited screen-time for no apparent reason.


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