This article is about a/an pair of warriors in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

The Back Dimension Berserker Soldiers (裏次元ベルセルクの戦士 Urajigen Beruseruku no Senshi) are the last two warriors from Berserk, a realm destroyed by Vyram. They consist of the lovers Duran (デュラン Dyuran) and Lou (ルー ). Their people have the special power to transmutate inanimate objects into weapons. Also, if they sacrifice this power, they gain the power to heal any living creature. Arriving to Earth, they are attacked by Radiguet. While Duran is in the care of the Jetmen, Lou attempts to kill Radiguet. When Duran goes to try and bring Lou back to her senses, he is overtaken by the Armor Snake (originally intended for Lou), forcing the Jetmen to fight him. After the Jetmen manage to destroy the snake charm on Armor Snake's head, Duran is set free and the two leave Earth to try and find other Berserker survivors.


  • The concept of Snake Armor using Duran's body as a host is almost an exact mirror of how Dogold took over Utsusemimaru's body in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, including the two minds clashing with each other for control over the body, and how they can borrow each other's powers.
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