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The Back Dimension (裏次元 Ura Jigen) is a dimension that is the exact opposite of the dimension considered as the main universe in the Super Sentai series. Beings from this dimension refer to the main universe as the "Front Dimension" (前部次元 Zenbu Jigen). Radiguet hails from this dimension. While the Dimensional War Party Vyram invaded and annihilated all life and existence within the Back Dimension before deciding to invade the Front Dimension, some people of the attacked worlds survived, and journeyed to the Front Dimension to aid them in their battle against Vyram, mostly allying with the Jetman.


Dimensia (ディメンシア Dimenshia) is a planet similar to Earth, but the inhabitants, as stated by Dan, have about half the life force a human from Earth has. In order to counter Vyram, the people of Dimensia created the ability to transform, like the Sentai Rangers, into warriors known as Birdman, as well Bird Garuda, which was passed onto the Jetman from the Dimensian Soldiers when they are killed fighting Radiguet. Ep. 23: A New Squadron Debuts Ep. 24: Launch, Super Robot

Known Inhabitants

Birdman Dan


Berserk (ベルセルク Beruseruku) is planet whose people have the ability to change ordinary objects into weapons. They can sacrifice this power in order to gain the ability to heal any living being if needed. They were destroyed by the Vyram with only two survivors, Lou and Duran, trying to determine whether to keep fighting or to live the rest of their lives in peace.Ep. 29: The Final Battle

Known Inhabitants


  • It is unknown if any Sentai Rangers or the concept of the Super Sentai existed in the Back Dimension. Evidence seems to point to either conclusion, as while Dan stated that the people of Dimensia had to forge their own way to turn into Birdmen and neither the Dimensian Soldiers nor the Berserker Soldiers acknowledge a Sentai Team fighting for their planets when Vyram was attacking them, the people of Dimensia had knowledge of transforming and mechas, and neither they nor Lou and Duran were surprised or confused by the Jetman transforming to fight, although this all may be from their knowledge of the Front Dimension.

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