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"B.B. Koiya! Hey, whassap!"
―BB Koiya's first words upon arriving in the Baribarian's bar.[src]

"B B Koiya!"
―BB Koiya after he enlarged.[src]

"Take them!"
―BB Koiya ordering his last Space Bee to attack Sirender and VRV Robo as well as his final words before his death.[src]

BB Koiya (ブンブンコイヤ BunBun Koiya, 36) was the Bowzock's best gardener.


BB Koiya was summoned by Grotch with the plan being to trap the Carrangers by throwing seeds on their uniforms, which would grow vines bearing flowers. His intent was that the flowers would attract Space Bees, that would proceed to sting the Carrangers to death. Luring the Carrangers in, he failed to entrap them with his vines, but succeeded in trapping their vehicles, Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser with the vines. The Carrangers were initially overwhelmed by the incoming Space Bees before using the Car Navic to shot most of them down, triggering the enraged Koiya to fire his Shower Beam at them. Signalman appeared with Sirender shortly after, leaving Koiya to casually oversee the battle. Once Signalman returned to the side of good, Zelmoda arrived and gave him imo-youkan. Before growing though, Koiya gave his remaining Space Bee a piece of his imo-youkan before eating the rest. Koiya proceeded to battle the Sirender, ensnaring it in vines and hitting it with electrical blasts. The Rangers, however, combined their VRV Fighters into the VRV Robo and blasted Koiya, freeing Sirender. Koiya ordered his last Space Bee to attack, which only resulted in Sirender destroying it with the Siren Dagger. Shortly after, Koiya himself was exterminated by the VRV Robo's Victory Twister.


Koiya is tough and macho, the exact opposite of a stereotypical gardener. He is also very fond of his pet space bees, calling them his babies. 

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Gorotsuki who fought alongside Signalman while he was brainwashed by Exhaus. His plan was to throw seeds onto his opponents that would wrap them in vines. These vines would sprout flowers that would attract Space Bees that sting them to death. The Space Bees in question were quite dangerous as they could dodge most attacks, fire laser blasts from their stingers, and fiercely followed Koiya's orders. After almost all of the bees were destroyed, Koiya even gave his remaining Space Bee a piece of his imo-youkan, which turned giant with him to help fight VRV Robo and Sirender. Koiya himself is quite dangerous as well, able to fire an attack called the Shower Beam from the hose he carries, as well as being able to ensnare his opponents with vines and infuse them with electricity. He also has fair combat ability, able to take Sirender one-on-one.

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  • His motif is that of a gardener.

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